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November 15, 2019

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Victoria Alara Alcoset AD, CMP   (ayurvedic doctor  .  certified massage practitioner)

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Photo by V.Pawaskar, BAMS - Sinhagurd (India)                         Herbal formulas article, AJH Fall 2014

How I became a healer
During a lengthy period of disability as a young adult, I was supported by contemplative spiritual practice.

I noticed when I focused on what was good, letting pain fall away from the center of my attention, my life felt more vibrant and meaningful - even when facing the possible permanence of pain and immobility, and without doctors being able to say why.

In the end, I found the power of my Spirit to heal - recovering mobility, decreasing pain, eliminating the root causes nearly 100%. Finding joy, wonder and self-compassion along the way. I decided that: We are meant to have rich and satisfying lives, no matter our level of illness or disability.

Now, I help people heal themselves, sharing the tools and knowledge I've acquired from the ancient systems of healing sciences called Ayurveda (and, until Fall 2019, Breema and Thai Yoga Massage).

My teachers and training have been excellent. 

But more than any training I could acquire, I bring forward my own compassion.

I know what it's like to have been there, "lost in the woods" - frustrated, tired, but still hopeful...

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