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October 13, 2019

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My Teachers

My Ayurveda teachers each have at least 10 -30 years of clinical experience as practicing PanchaKarma Specialists, Herbalists, and/or Medical Doctors (India) - essentially, as Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Knowledge Keepers).

They have included - Vd. Yashashree Mannur, BAMS.

Vd. Rasik Pawaskar, BAMS and Vd. Vedhas Kolhatkar, BAMS at Shubham Ayurveda.

IMG 20130131 120842 Cropped and Resized IMG 20110511 185853 IMG 20121204 195653 photos: V. Alcoset c. 2011-2017


Plus Vd. Dilip Gadgil, BAMS, Vd. A.S. Thombare, BAMS of Shubham Ayurveda and Punarvasu Prabhodini.

And also many other Vaidyas and Practitioners, including:

Shrirang and Varsha Galgali,

Trilok Dhopeshwarkar,

Sanjay Pendse, and

Yogesh Kale of Punarvashu Prabhodini Global Ayurveda Foundation.

Jay Apte,

Bee and Avinash Lele,

Tom Yarema,

Suhas Ksheersagar,

Mamta Landerman and 

Subhash Ranade of Ayurveda Institute of America.

and Candis Cantin of Evergreen School of Integrative Herbology.


My teachers of other modalities include skilled practitioner-teachers at The Breema Center and The Acupressure Institute.

Plus Christina Cross,

Edith Fogel,

Carmen Figueras,

Christy Carrico,

Martha Martinez,


George Franklin,

Calla Unsworth,

Evelie Delfino Sales Posch and

Uma Kahn.

How I became a healer
During a lengthy period of disability as a young adult, I was supported by contemplative spiritual practice.

I noticed when I focused on what was good, letting pain fall away from the center of my attention, my life felt more vibrant and meaningful - even when facing the possible permanence of pain and immobility, and without doctors being able to say why.

In the end, I found the power of my Spirit to heal - recovering mobility, decreasing pain, eliminating the root causes nearly 100%. Finding joy, wonder and self-compassion along the way. I decided that: We are meant to have rich and satisfying lives, no matter our level of illness or disability.

Now, I help people heal themselves, sharing the tools and knowledge I've acquired from systems of ancient healing sciences: Ayurveda, Breema and Thai Yoga Massage.

My teachers and training have been excellent. 

But more than any training I could acquire, I bring forward my own compassion.

I know what it's like to have been there, "lost in the woods" - frustrated, tired, but still hopeful...

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